No. Citizens from Botswana are EXEMPT from applying for visas when traveling to Kenya.

NOTE - All citizens from the countries listed below are EXEMPTED from applying for a visa to Kenya 

Barbados Malawi St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Belize Malaysia (For less than 30 days stay) St.Kitts and Nevis
Botswana Mauritius St.Lucia
Brunei Namibia Swaziland
Burundi Nauru Tanzania
Cyprus New Guinea The Bahamas
Darussalam Papua Tobago
Dominica Rwanda Tonga
Fiji Island Samoa Trinidad
Ghana Seychelles Tuvalu
Grenada Sierra Leone Uganda
Jamaica Singapore Vanuatu
Kiribati Solomon Islands Zambia
Lesotho South Africa (For less than 30 days stay) Zimbabwe


1. Malaysia & South African nationals visiting for more than 30 days require visa. 

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