Diplomatic passport holders from the following countries are exempted from the ETA processing fee.

  Country   Type of Passport   Duration of the Visa period
  Socialist Republic of Vietnam   Diplomatic, Official   90 Days
  Republic of Cuba   Diplomatic   90 Days
  Republic of Indonesia   Diplomatic, Official, Service   30 Days
  Union of Myanmar   Diplomatic, Official, Service   30 Days
  Islamic Republic of Pakistan   Diplomatic, Official   30 Days
  Federative Republic of Brazil   Diplomatic, Official, Service   90 Days
  Republic of Chile   Diplomatic, Official   90 Days
  Republic of Seychelles   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   60 days at each visit & cumulative duration of 90 days in a year
  Peoples Republic of China (PRC)   Diplomatic, Official, Service, Public Affairs   Up to 30 days
  United Arab Emirates (UAE)   Diplomatic, Official, Special (Passport holders)   Up to 30 days
  Kingdom of Thailand   Diplomatic, Official   Not exceeding 90 days
  Republic of Kenya   Diplomatic, Official   Up to 30 days
  Republic of Belarus   Diplomatic, Official   Up to 30 days
  Islamic Republic of Iran   Diplomatic, Official, Service   Up to 30 days
  Republic of Maldives   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   Exemption of Ninety days Visa fee
  Republic of Singapore   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   Up to 30 days

Diplomatic and official passport holders should not apply Tourist/Business ETA for their official visits or to engage in any official assignments in Sri Lanka.