You need to understand how the China Visa application works first.

One, you apply online for your visa. Two, the visa will be approved by the Chinese Government. Three, after the visa is approved the Chinese Government, will mail your visa with FedEx to you wherever you are in the world. 

Its is also important to understand that you need to apply for the visa at least 17 days BEFORE your scheduled departure date to avoid delays / unnecessary stress in case the government requests additional information.

There are 3 delivery methods that you can choose from when you apply online:

  • 10 Business Days (Standard delivery)
  • 6 Business Days (Rush delivery + additional fee)
  • 2 Business Days /Super Rush delivery + additional fee)

You will receive your visa in the mail around fifteen (15) days (2 weeks) before your arrival date to China.

Meaning that if you plan to travel to China on the 1st of January and you chose standard delivery (10 days) then you have to apply no later than the 5th of December for your visa to arrive approx.15 days before your departure. 

  • It takes approx. 3 business days for your visa to be approved and 
  • another 3 days for international shipping from China with FedEx so you need to calculate that into your application time line.

NOTE:  BUT even if the visa is requested long time in advance, the system will process it since it will only issue the visa in such a way that it will only arrive around 15 days before the departure, NOT EARLIER!.